Thermo Scientific™ DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer

The research-grade DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer from Thermo Scientific™ is a Raman spectrometer that was created primarily for integration with other analytical methods.

This compact, desktop spectrometer uses the same optics and design as the advanced spectrometers in the Thermo Scientific DXR3 Raman Spectrometer research product family. This allows for hyphenation and portability without affecting the quality of the data.

The DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer can assist the user in achieving their objectives more quickly, whether they include correlating chemistry and material performance, adding chemical identification to their understanding of materials, or real-time process monitoring.

Flex Raman Catalog.

Image Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific – Materials & Structural Analysis

DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer Overview

  • Free-space optical coupling eliminates fiber optic losses to maximize sensitivity.
  • A variety of accessories are available: Fiber optics coupling, macro and micro sample holders, objectives, camera, and more.
  • Lasers are shareable and exchangeable with Thermo Scientific™ DXR3 Raman Microscopes.
  • Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Software, data, and spectral library compatibility with DXR3 Raman instruments. OMNIC D/S Software offers CFR 21 part 11 compliance.
  • Open architecture allows custom coupling to almost any equipment in any position. Often referred to as “Raman engine.”
  • Coupling with the DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer eliminates the need for multiple measurements and assumptions; you can get answers faster.
    • One measurement provides data from multiple techniques, all taken at the same time and in the same conditions.
    • Learn about your samples’ physical, chemical and structural characteristics and how they affect one another — all from one measurement.
  • Research laboratory-level spectroscopic performance.
  • Configurable excitation laser wavelengths and spectral resolution to maximize performance for particular materials.

Couple the DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer With:

  • Lab- and manufacturing-scale processing equipment
  • Optic-fiber-based systems: Any system that has an optic fiber input (for delivering excitation frequency from DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer) and output (to get emitted Raman signal back to DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer)
  • Rheology
  • Several microscopic stages and sample holders
  • Hot melt extrusion

Raman Spectrometer Uses:

  • Materials science research
  • Polymers
  • Academic research
  • Cosmetics
  • Process/Bioprocess monitoring
  • Geology
  • Automotive/Aero
  • Nanotechnology
  • Life science/Bio-materials
  • Pharmaceutical

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