Or does this kind of generic social media clients exist already and I just don't know about them?

Most social media like applications, on the client-side, conform to structure with user, post and comment tables. Ideally it is possible to have a super generic client app that works for any social media related activities. The only differential is the URLs or maybe the sign-up process to its server-side. What if we can start with some assumption about a unified user sign up/in process... Then it is possible to have a app that works for all and any social apps.

actually this: ((^\d+,?\d+)(\d+$))|(^\d?\d?$)

Actually the regex should be like this:

Apparently, in India, only the trailing 3 digits will be delimited by a comma, the leading or middle digits are delimited in a group of 2.

That is also different from the Chinese or Japanese system, where financial number can be delimited by the count of 4 each.

/(^\d+,?\d+)(\d+$)/ is better at catching financial numerals.

During merge resolution, my vim automatically removes unnecessary white spaces. Then my PR started to blow up...

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some minimalist web designers tend to forget that screens aren't fucking paper


At work, we practice the principle of chaos engineering. Not the kind of chaos we engineer to expect, but the kind that is simply from writing the wrong codes for the wrong contexts.

remember not to use Command+k with Tmux

Sleep doesn't quite reduces stress. It will just postpone my tasks and make it more stressful when I wake up. This is like a lose-lose situation. I am truly fucked.

I don't think with my current knowledge in just Rails, I can recreate Twitch. But just need to at least finish basic social media component this year.

Now I know why people like to sue other for the tiniest reasons.

Death Stranding has some really inspiring interior design elements.

When it works, Devise is great with very minimal setup, but when it doesn't work, then:
"bundle open devise"
Ah shit, am I suppose to read all of this.

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