was able to make him my headphone stand for like a hour

It doesn't look comfortable, but it's pretty nice to sleep on carpeted floor.

Got to the hotel, slept and just woke up.

Saw this nice big tree there in the courtyard. Nice tree is nice.

This little bastard failed today after 4 months of use. I took it out and bury in my trash can...

What a piece of rubbish.

Really shotty connection this morning for some reason.

All done, both test subjects failed. Still risible though.

Tasted like a regular egg tart. But it’s a good starting point. Need a more robust crust, real pumpkin meat and probably less water for the “tart”

Ordered some car stuff from the internet with my fake name Spongebob. I think someone in their office also like watching Spongebob and made this sticker to send along with the package.

More obvious snapshot of the white space under the navBar.

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