Finally found a piece of land that I can afford to starting building my research lab on. Just hope they are still willing to sell during the pandemic.

@sir The trick is some kind of dairy product...

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The challenge of quranteeing yourself in your house or apartment is that most of homes nowadays adopt the open floor plan design, amenities can be reached within 1 single span of space. So it's technically hard to lock myself in my room, because I'll need toilet, study desk, TV, etc. which are outside in the common area.

Holy moly, Subnautica is such an awesome game.

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So since China lost 21 million users. Assuming those were the population killed by the virus with somewhat 7 ~ 8% fatality. Then China should have had around 263 to 300 million infected count as of 22nd of Mar.

Oh wait, fatality and infected count aren't linearly correlated. Lol...

Oh wait...

only got rice left now...welp at least I have enough TP at home. lol

The problem we have is that if a part of people started bulking buying certain goods, say toilet paper, then the rest of the local population will have to follow. Because when the first sign of shortage of supply come (more specifically common supply of consumables tp, cooking oil, toothpaste, etc.) it’s in everyone’s own interests to hoard to survive, or “survive” relatively easier. So I can’t buy toilet paper today then I might as well start hoarding seashells as a viable alternatives.

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covid US newspapers 

Some guy was saying how "different" my text editor is. I was like, imagine you married a woman who is nice-looking but fat and slow af with lots of joint and metal issues and no experience of sandwich making.

Now if you look at mine, who is slim, fast and ugly with great efficiency and quality. My wife will always win at making the faster and better sandwiches.

She left the train. Lol. But we will meet again tomorrow. 👻

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Ah~ the disgust and horror on her face. That’s the stuff. Mmm~🤩🤩

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Bitch I’m breathing as loud as Darth Vader

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Gotta look serious while I carefully adjust my rubber gloves.

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Funny how she is looking at me while I’m putting my gloves on.

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There is this old woman who keeps talking about how not fair and sad for the kids to have their basketball matches cancelled because of the virus. Bitch I feel like trolling her right in the face now. And I have a fancy respirator with carbon filters in my backpack. Let me just put on while keep my eye contact. You assert dominance and stuff.

My train is late again, of course, of course.

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