@sj did I have chairs with just 1 leg. 1 mother fucking thick leg.

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For anyone wondering: Barmsteine on the austrian-german border.

I took this picture from the kleiner Barmstein looking at the Großer Barmstein.

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wtf do people have fake fireplaces in their house in Texas. tf?

what if my own memory is based off a hashmap, where I associate an object with its unique set of characteristics? So the key is a hash of the characteristics, whereas the value is the object / "thing". Well then, perhaps someone can write an ORM to help migrate data from one host to another, that would be nice.

wft does Sharpes requires ID check... wtf am I going to do with it? Sell it to minors?

@szbalint maybe it's a sign I should invest in a house in other country on a small island and then move there too.

@szbalint I only googled about it when you mentioned it here. Didn't know or see any US major news outlets reporting this on YT. Most of the search results were coming from news outlets from other countries. interesting fuckery...

I have been a coward and avoided to fight Midir for long enough...

Now I finally understand what micro-management is. It's just like micro-penis, except the person who is managing it think he's got a magnum dong.

@purism interested to see what the review would be like.

@imurcultleader@mastodon.social @brandon lol that's one relatively peaceful solutions.

the less javascript I need to write the better.

idk what's up with some older developers. When a concept or implementation that is new to them, their first reaction is talk shit about it without knowing what it is, and then make sure other people hate it too. tf.

Got the final version of the energy drink cocktail working as expected.

- Some Korean Shoju with yorgurt flavour
- G fuel

The only downside is that it makes me hungry.

Covid, harsh cynicism 

@TQ let them die.

People love overreact to things. It's like a freak show to see who can make the most dramatic reaction to attract attention.

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