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#postmarketOSpodcast 3 is out! Lots of news covered this time, among the topics: @purism's Librem 5, Mainlining of Android devices, Feedbackd, @kde Plasma 5.21 and lots about @PINE64's PinePhone.

I wonder why most of us have become so accustomed to the rules of living in a society far beyond the basic needs of substenance. Something like buying fancy cars, expensive clothes, bigger paycheck, better job title, for example, are illogical.

i like how nice & quiet my instance is compare to other bigger ones. Just me doing hw and occassionally shitposting.

@BrianA @purism

Librem 5 hasn't started shipment yet. As for Librem 14, it did say it should have started shipping out since yesterday. According to a few of my friends, they haven't received any notification about it yet. Will see they eventually manage to ship or it's going to be another waiting in this month.

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New @postmarketOS installer feature. You can now choose if you want to install to the SD you're booted from or install to the #pinephone internal storage :)

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Shipping Update: #PinePhone @kde Community Edition ships this week. Apologies for the slight delay.

For details, please read:

@thor lol, I guess I can open a beer or two sometimes.

I just want to get a regular mechanical keyboard without RGB. Why is this so hard... :(

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Regular consumers only want intuitive UI / UX, whether the underlying tech being good or bad in source codes has 0 selling point to them. That's why people prefer chat apps like Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. rather than good old IRC.

WTF mac, why are the "Other" and "System" categories took over 220GB of my storage. Wasted my 2 hrs tracking down unnecessary cache files everywhere in the sys. This is a family friendly laptop, I don't even have "homework" on there.

Hey, @purism when is your laptop gonna be coming out? Is there an estimate date or something?

@thor wait a second, I got the same sharkie too, how come mine doesn't help me clean the house.

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