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Finished up with the task list view this morning. Now just got the task editor left. And that should be everything.

ViewModel and Coordinator pattern are good practices in general, but without a code generator on iOS, it quickly becomes tiring to just type out all the scaffolding manually.

Need to finish this to-do app by Saturday, so I can focus GraphQL and exams.

Gave up on Fusion 360 after trying to install it for the whole night tonight.

damnit storyboard, why do you have to be acting stupid. My constraints are perfect. Stupid Apple hipster storyboard thing...awhhh...

Apparently my codes were tightly coupled, people can't make changes to my Controller without chaning its dependency injection params in the init(). Maybe the best practice is to write all code in the app in one single file or classes should just use notifications to talk to each other? But "decoupling" codes into a single file sounds like the future though...

Internet is down. No more lofi music stream tonight...


How did I managed to lose my phone? I really need it even though nobody calls me anyway.

NIce trick in JS like this: "9999999999999999" == 10000000000000000

People should use it more often.

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