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Basically the difference between emails and chat apps is just emails are open to public to send and receive messages, where chat apps requires confirmation to establish connections between 2 parties. Almost like one is for public use and the other is for private use.

What if there is an app to simply group these 2 functionalities together. Oh right, that's just my fucking operating system, isn't it.

Since I couldn't find such thing so far. Might be fun start writing one. The question is for what platform though.

I think it's quite possible to make a simple universal social media client that works...well...more or less universally, with a strong assumptions of a few things such as user authentication processes.

I wonder if it is possible to whitelist addresses instead of blacklist email addresses I don't wanna see. @protonmail

This migth be useful for anti-social people like me, although it slightly defeats the purpose of an email.

The 3 pointer technique is awesome fast, but it's so confusing to read what's going on line-by-line.

Or does this kind of generic social media clients exist already and I just don't know about them?

Most social media like applications, on the client-side, conform to structure with user, post and comment tables. Ideally it is possible to have a super generic client app that works for any social media related activities. The only differential is the URLs or maybe the sign-up process to its server-side. What if we can start with some assumption about a unified user sign up/in process... Then it is possible to have a app that works for all and any social apps.

actually this: ((^\d+,?\d+)(\d+$))|(^\d?\d?$)

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Actually the regex should be like this:

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Apparently, in India, only the trailing 3 digits will be delimited by a comma, the leading or middle digits are delimited in a group of 2.

That is also different from the Chinese or Japanese system, where financial number can be delimited by the count of 4 each.

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/(^\d+,?\d+)(\d+$)/ is better at catching financial numerals.

During merge resolution, my vim automatically removes unnecessary white spaces. Then my PR started to blow up...

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some minimalist web designers tend to forget that screens aren't fucking paper


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