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I am very tired, but I need to pass the exam. Still, need to keep going for another 3 months...

I should spend some hours in the park this weekend to relax.

That was some strong energy drink. Kept me driving for 7 hours straight with only 1 break.

Got to the hotel, slept and just woke up.

Saw this nice big tree there in the courtyard. Nice tree is nice.

Made some awesome progress. I found an IHOP in the middle of nowhere and it’s open. Might as well get some bacon.

Couldn't sleep, might as well leave now.

My extra credit challenge for this 8 hours drive is to be fully caffeinated but not go to the loo for more than or equal to 3 times. (It won’t count if I pee myself, but oh well...)

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We spent a quite enjoyable hour in Venice on the way to Rome.

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Upgrade finished!

Everyone hosted by is now running v3.1.1

Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks 🐘

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Although for a small to medium size study desk, it's quite ideal to just use 2 splinted legs.

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How is my dining table supposed to take angular pressure when it's only got 2 legs. Like designing a table with 4 legs aren't expensive enough these days.

Deleted all my other social media accounts just now. I'll leave mastchan running as long as I can. At least I need this place more or less like my own log or something.

Nightcore are pretty awesome, but not sure where the tradition of using anime characters comes from. Welp anyway, at least songs are good.

Into the weeb world I dive again...

I keep getting bot calls a lot lately, which makes me rethink about the technology VOIP. The pain point here is that, like email, a person can be reached as long as I know the phone num. This eliminates the process of verification. Unlike VOIP, a regular chat app can provide some kind of verification barrier. So does it mean a chat app, in theory, is based on a simpler and spam-proof architecture can ultimately the better version of regular phone call.

A function that is dynamic doesn't necessarily mean it's better than it's imperative solution. It just means that it allocates space differently.

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This week, the Russian government blocked ProtonMail for millions of ordinary users. Blocks like this are never justifiable, and we're fighting to restore access to privacy and secure communication.

Here is the latest information and official statement.

Got too bored now.
Maybe I will kill the Nameless King again.....with cheese.......from behind.

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