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covid19, economics 

'the economy' is not a real thing. It's a way we've chosen to exchange goods and services.

'indicators' are not real things. They're ways of tracking proxy measures for what's happening.

This is not a recession. It's a f*in lockdown. As it should be. We should adjust society, not die to keep it in a broken form.

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The challenge of quranteeing yourself in your house or apartment is that most of homes nowadays adopt the open floor plan design, amenities can be reached within 1 single span of space. So it's technically hard to lock myself in my room, because I'll need toilet, study desk, TV, etc. which are outside in the common area.

Holy moly, Subnautica is such an awesome game.

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So since China lost 21 million users. Assuming those were the population killed by the virus with somewhat 7 ~ 8% fatality. Then China should have had around 263 to 300 million infected count as of 22nd of Mar.

Oh wait, fatality and infected count aren't linearly correlated. Lol...

Oh wait...

only got rice left now...welp at least I have enough TP at home. lol

The problem we have is that if a part of people started bulking buying certain goods, say toilet paper, then the rest of the local population will have to follow. Because when the first sign of shortage of supply come (more specifically common supply of consumables tp, cooking oil, toothpaste, etc.) it’s in everyone’s own interests to hoard to survive, or “survive” relatively easier. So I can’t buy toilet paper today then I might as well start hoarding seashells as a viable alternatives.

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covid US newspapers 

Most US newspapers are talking about the economy/market on the front pages.

Here is a better assessment from Anne Applebaum:

My train is late again, of course, of course.

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How to recognize colds vs flu vs coronavirus 

a visual aid from the #WHO on how to recognize #coronavirus #COVID19 symptoms versus symptoms from a cold or the flu

I am very tired, but I need to pass the exam. Still, need to keep going for another 3 months...

I should spend some hours in the park this weekend to relax.

That was some strong energy drink. Kept me driving for 7 hours straight with only 1 break.

Got to the hotel, slept and just woke up.

Saw this nice big tree there in the courtyard. Nice tree is nice.

Made some awesome progress. I found an IHOP in the middle of nowhere and it’s open. Might as well get some bacon.

Couldn't sleep, might as well leave now.

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