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Just to confirm that the issue is fully fixed and everything has been back to normal for the past 3 hours.

Please let me know if you notice any problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Every social media app collects information on its users. However, in #TikTok's case, this data could eventually be turned over to the Chinese government. If this is concerning, read more on how you can delete TikTok and take back control of your privacy:

Visual Studio on mac is frustrating as hell, can't even open a directory like it normally does on Windows.

All bets are off the table once private key is "required" to be submitted to a remote server. However if car keys can be a community project, then we can talk about it.

Holy shit, the infection rate is absolutely rampant. Let me just open a bottle of wine to watch the world burn.

Cats are overrated, some don't catch mice anymore, just lying in the sun all day.

Having worked on my own macOS and iOS client with SwiftUI for almost 4 months now. I must admit that SwiftUI is riddled with bugs to the point that I don't see how Apple can manage to fix them and bring everything to stable for production release for the next 2~3 years onward. So screw it, I'm going back to UIKit.

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Heads up, my Mastodon social network app Mast is still up for sale (source code, App Store listing, etc) if anyone is interested. Open to offers. It's cross platform, and available on iOS/watchOS/macOS. It has great ratings/reviews, and more. DMs open. ->

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They don't need to treat space flight like that. Missions into space should be to expand the horizons of humanity. 

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lukashenko: how many layers of idiocy are you on?
putin: I dunno, like 5 or 6 my dude
lukashenko: lmao you are like a little baby, watch this

(Lukashenko tells about envy of Belarus' special way. The president called his citizens to not be afraid of getting corona: "We will cure you. We can do this")
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Alright, I think there is certain chemical they put on the carpet that causes pretty bad iritation of my nose...ok, so sleeping on the floor was a bad idea.

This is probably one of the strangest road trip I've ever had so far. Mountain road, cat pissed himself, not signal on the phone, no people helped for miles, and there is an AirBnB in the middle of this massive state park, and I have been driving and lost my way for 3 hours...

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